Watch RHOA's Porsha Frighten Her New Boyfriend With a Surprise Party

You know how meeting your significant other’s family and friends for the first time can be super stressful? On Sunday night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, cast member Porsha Stewart felt the best way to ease her boyfriend of one or so months, Duke, into her life was to throw a surprise party to introduce him to everyone she knows. Surprise!!! :)

The real point of the party, of course, was for Porsha to parade the fact that she’s no longer single, after a bitter divorce from her NFL husband Kordell Stewart. In the clip above, the new dude (who’s also in the NFL) enters the party shocked, with his friend in tow, and proceeds to be a good but awkward sport while being ambushed.

Note how his friend tells him at one point: “You can’t go. Just stay.” Just stay at this party and collect that minuscule amount of fame, man! He also tells Duke, “She’s a lot bro,” referring to Porsha. This is true.


During this unnecessary gathering, Porsha, wearing Duke’s jersey number, stops to give a speech, because that’s what you do at your boyfriend’s surprise introduction party. “Listen, sometimes in life you meet somebody and you’re like, you know, it’s gonna be me and you against the world,” says Porsha, accurately. “I wanna ask everybody to open your heart to what we have because, to me, it’s everything.” Everyone seems pretty cool about it?

Kidding. Secretly (in front of cameras), Porsha’s sister and best friends really think this party is a bad idea. True love, however, can’t be stopped. So Porsha presents Duke with a trophy to signify that he’s her “trophy man,” and she says, “I am giving you the MVP because you are the real MVP to me.”


Kandi sums up the scenario best: “Dude looked scared.”

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Oh man, this was one long cringe. It’s pretty hard for me to feel badly for Porsha, but I sure did last night.

Almost as bad as I felt for that hunted and haunted looking boyfriend.

It’s sad how so many of these Housewives in the franchises are desperately lonely, narcissistic people with very low self esteem (hello Vicki Gunvalson!). They really have no idea how to form true and lasting attachments to others, so when they see a candidate for love, they hurl themselves at that person’s jugular vein and begin to suck noisily.

However, this athlete is almost certainly hitching his wagon to his perceived star. He wants his fifteen minutes and Porsha is a very pretty woman, so sleeping with her is no big chore at this point. He gets to be on TV and possibly shore up for when his athletic career begins to wane. I’m sure he took notes from Troy Berman and Kim Zolciak and figured this might be a good play.