Watch Mila and Ashton Joke About Being Them on Two and a Half Men

Ashton Kutcher's television program Two and a Half Men was extra-special Thursday night: Kutcher was joined by his fiancée/the mother of his unborn child Mila Kunis, who was a guest star on the show. Kunis played a free spirit who spends her life hiking and, one night, hikes right into Kutcher's character Walden's life. What followed was a very unrealistic depiction of what a woman who hikes all the time would be wearing (perfect make-up and some artfully torn jeans) and many, many jokes about Mila and Ashton's past roles and real relationship. Can you catch them all?!


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If they were just going to make easy references to their own movies, they should have had a scene where they take turns eating out Natalie Portman.