This most recent (and final) season of Celebrity Rehab went off the rails last night. Michael Lohan, father to Lindsay and patient at Casa del Rehab, blew a gasket when a tabloid website published a photo of himself kissing one of the lesser Real Housewives of New Jersey (Kim G.) When his famewhorey girlfriend-slash-drug supplier Kate Major found out, she showed up at the treatment facility โ€” but Celebrity Rehab refused to check her in because she wasn't famous enough. Things got truly ugly when Kate asked, "So why are you with me?" and Michael said, "because you put it in every part of your body." Somehow, we believe her response: "I'm not even attracted to you! you're old, you're ugly, and you're bald." Since she dated Jon Gosselin before Lohan, it seems what she's attracted to are cameras and lights.