Watch Maya Rudolph and Emma Stone Cover 'Call Your Girlfriend' with Butter Tub Percussion

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The a cappella rendition of “Call Your Girlfriend” by Swedish group Erato that Maya Rudolph and Emma Stone are paying homage to came out in 2011, but I’m glad it has finally reached the states.

On Tuesday, Stone joined Rudolph on the season finale of Maya & Marty and once more brought to life Robyn’s huge hit that swept us up in its magic, even though the overall message of the song is kinda fucked up. Here are two women with their butter tubs, making music:

If you can’t get enough of this viral hit from five years ago, here’s the original:

Who spread it better?

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Now I’m curious how Aimee thinks the song is fucked up. I checked the lyrics, and it’s basically saying “Look, we’re awesome together, but I’m not going to be your side chick. Time for you to split up with your girlfriend, and please don’t be a jerk about it.” I guess you could argue the guy shouldn’t have let things get that far with the singer without splitting up with his girlfriend to start with, but “fucked up” seems strong for something so many people do a few times in their lives.


(And I think the covers are cute.)