Here's a video of Lorde performing at the age of 12, and even with the sound quality on the video, you can tell she had it all going on, as far as being a performer.

Lorde, aka Ella Yelich-O'Connor at age 12, with her Belmont Intermediate School band "Extreme" competing in the covers category of the Intermediate Schools Battle of the Bands Finals 2009 .

They performed Rainbow's "Man on the Silver Mountain" and they did a pretty good job with it (here's the original, if you're interested). Plus, they placed third in the contest! Belated congratulations, girl! If you go to 7:58, there's a short interview with her and her bandmates. Kind of a remarkable insight into talent. And just a few short years later, she's killing it at the Grammys. Damn. Why did I waste so many hours as a 12-year-old staging elaborate My Little Pony vs. Strawberry Shortcake doll dance off wars?