Illustration for article titled Watch Liz Lemon Tell Jack Shes Getting Hitched

Here's a preview from the much-talked about proposal episode of 30 Rock (airing this Thursday). Watch as Liz tells her mentor Jack that she and Criss Chros (James Marsden) have decided to make it official. Congrats, Lemon! Donaghy hugs all around!


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Okay, part of me is genuinely happy and the other part of me is kind of angry that this is how they're ending the show. Only way to have a happy ending is have the girl get married, right?

I think Liz Lemon is a great character, but I have to agree with Joan of Snark that there are some stereotypes that she really perpetrates I could do without. (PS I love you Tina Fey, don't get me wrong)