Watch Leah Remini and 50 Cent Have a Lively Ass-Eating Debate on Watch What Happens Live

Leah Remini and 50 Cent brought the national booty-eating convo into the clubhouse on Thursday night’s edition of Watch What Happens Live.

In a lively discussion, Andy Cohen goes right in and brings up 50's ex Vivica A. Fox’s previous appearance on the show, during which she essentially questioned 50 Cent’s sexuality. “She basically was insinuating that 50 Cent was on my team,” Andy explains, to which Leah translates via scream: “That he’s gay!”

50 reiterates his response to Fox at the time. “I said...oh no, ’cause I let her lick my ass, she thinks I’m gay,” he says. “That’s the problem. You let someone lick your ass and look what happened,” says Remini. And so we learn nothing besides the fact that there are still outdated views on the topic of ass-eating. Andy asks Remini if she’s into such ass play and she adds, “First of all, I would just say, ‘I don’t do that. There’s no reason for me to lick your ass.’”

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Better to be an ass licker than an ass kisser.