The trailer for Welcome To Me, starring Kristen Wiig and James Marsden, has got me in a tizzy. The dark comedy, in which Wiig plays a lottery winner with a borderline personality disorder, generated some big buzz at the Toronto Film Festival last year—Bill Murray called it "one of the strangest movies I've ever seen," saying "the funny stuff is maybe bolder than anything we've seen in a very, very long time."


As Jada Yuan points out over at Vulture, it's a relief to see her come back around to comedy after the consecutive flops of Girl Most Likely and Hateship Loveship. Any movie that deploys the line "I've been using masturbation as a sedative since 1991" is a movie I will pay money to see.

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As someone diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder 4 years ago and still struggling and failing to live a normal life, I'm curious to see Wiig's portrayal. Outside of some publicity the condition got when current Chicago Bears wide receiver went public with his own diagnosis, also 4 years ago, its not very well known and often treated in a flippant manner by many.