Watch Kate Bosworth Wax Rhapsodic About Her Wedding Dress

Vogue has published not one but two videos dedicated to Kate Bosworth finding her Oscar de La Renta wedding dress, despite the fact that there doesn't seem to be a spread on the event planned for the magazine and Bosworth sold the rights to her wedding photos to Martha Stewart Weddings for their winter issue.

But whatever! Kate was so happy to be there because Oscar is a legend, which is true; no hate for Oscar; he is a stone cold charmer. Other things she shared with us:

Because I love minimalism and I love a clean line so much, I knew that I didn't want really any embellishments on the dress, and so when I spoke to Oscar, he loved the idea of having the drama in the back.

The choice of fabric was incredibly important with the dress because we needed to have enough softness in order to find the folds of the fabric.

There's so much poetry and elegance about it.

There is no day that will be more special.

And finally:

It's a dress that reflects the love I have for my partner. It's a reflection on my life, it's a reflection on the woman I've become.


Pope Alexander

I suppose I wouldn't find fashion's obsession with her so annoying if it wasn't for the fact that I feel like she hasn't acted in anything in 3 years, yet she gets far more attention from publications like Vogue than do more deserving actresses who are actually, you know, working.