Watch Kanye West's Creepy-Ass Video for "Monster"

Severed woman-heads, dead-looking zombiettes, women hanging from nooses, gratuitous diamond-teeth close-ups: it's all right here, in the latest, most complete-est version yet of Kanye's still unfinished but maybe almost-finished song commercial. Corpsey New Year!

At least most of the women get to wear nice shoes:

What do you think Kanye's trying to say with all the "woman-corpse as prop" imagery? Is he making an artsy-ghoulish reference to the whole VMA awards debacle with Taylor Swift, and depicting himself as a so-called "monster" who interrupts young women's awards speeches? Is he referencing some sort of misogynistic man-monster tendencies he's not proud of? Or is he talking about something else entirely?


Also, what do you think about Nicki Minaj's fighting herself? Personally, I would have liked to have seen Tough Nicki and Pink-haired Alter-ego Nicki join forces and take on Kanye in a fighting match that they would win, if only to teach him to stop monstering around. Oh well.

The biggest kick I got out of watching this whole mess unfold was noticing that the "Getty Images" watermarks haven't been fully erased yet. Somebody better fix that before the official release!

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I think Kanye's trying a little too hard. I like images of death, monsters, the supernatural, etc, quite a bit.

But women hanging from nooses, dead women as props... what's he doing? Is he a serial killer, Patrick Bateman style? It just seems silly. Especially since he raps so much about how much he loves God. That's a personal pet peeve of mine. Stop going on and on about how evil you are when you always pause to give a shout out to Jesus in almost everything you do. It's silly.