Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sing "Bad Romance" (And Fall In Love All Over Again)

Because 2010 is the year in which everyone must perform "Bad Romance" and have it uploaded to the internet for posterity, here is the wonderful Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing exactly that.

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Okay, so here it it. It isn't like me to be critical of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I love him. It is my most shamefully nerdy secret that I gave Uncertainty four stars on Netflix so that if he and I are ever dating he won't know I thought it was wildly mediocre.

The singing is adorable, that is clear. If it were happening in my kitchen while I made Sunday breakfast I'd be all smiles and giggles and the pancakes would burn because he stole the spatula and chased me around the apartment and back into the bedroom.

But the singing isn't all that great, right? And the song choices are either playful and carefree, or they're self indulgent and magniloquent. It's all a little "I'm the guy", isn't it?