Watch Jon Stewart Skewer Hobby Lobby as 'Jesus Christ Superstore'

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Last night The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took on the Christ-filled fiasco that is Hobby Lobby’s religious freedom case in the Supreme Court this week. Yay, bring on the (sad) laughter!


As we’ve written before, the craft store wants to sidestep the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to provide birth control coverage to their employees because they don’t just sell art fixings, they sell faith (well, that and a lot of yarn I suspect). And faith shouldn't be forced to cover logical medical items that make sense like Nuvarings and birth control pills because: religion.

Watch Stewart below as parses this Hobby Lobby foolishness:


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Actually, what they don't want to pay for are IUD's and morning after pills, which they feel are abortifacents. (sp) I don't understand why everyone keeps saying it is birth control pills. And yesterday Kagan was telling them to just not supply their employees with insurance, and pay them more so they can get on the ACA plans.