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Watch Joanna Krupa Channel a Scared, Sexy Orca for PETA

Joanna Krupa, model and star of The Real Housewives of Miami, has recently pulled out all the stops—AKA her boobs and vagina—for a campaign against SeaWorld. It’s so good to finally be able to laugh about orca captivity, right?! Thanks, PETA!


The resulting campaign is very Jasmine-in-the-hourglass, if Jasmine was a naked Polish woman painted to resemble a killer whale:

Illustration for article titled Watch Joanna Krupa Channel a Scared, Sexy Orca for PETA

“You need to educate yourself, and watch documentaries,” Joanna instructs us firmly in the video above, admitting that “I had no idea this goes on.”

“You’re living in a free country, in America, you can walk to the store and do whatever you want,” she says, in this campaign to raise awareness for orcas who would like to be able to walk to the store and do whatever they want. “These animals, they’re in prison their whole life.”

Poor Joanna Krupa. She is a genuine animal-lover, and I think truly believes her cleavage is gonna save these whales, rather than contribute to a seedy organization that consistently undermines and de-legitimizes the animal rights battles it claims to support.

Let’s hear it for that elegant paint job, tho.

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Image via PETA.

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I just don’t see the porpoise here.