Watch Jimmy Fallon Interview Harry Styles (as Played by Kristen Wiig)

On Tuesday night's episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Kristin Wiig Harry Styles stopped by. Interestingly, Harry's actual style is the same, but his accent, knowledge of One Direction's origin story and ability to sing the band's hit song "What Makes You Beautiful" seems to have...shifted.


Though it's unclear whether "carnitas" has always been Harry's favorite food or whether they named the band One Direction because they "just want to sing about positive things and just keep everything moving forward," but both of those sound right.



I assume this is how this happens: Jimmy or staffer says "hey, Wiig could totally be done up to look like Harry Styles." Jimmy agrees, they tell Kristin, she says "who?" and they say, don't worry, just do the interview in character. Being the best sport *EVER* she agrees. Hilarity ensues.