Watch Jessica Walter Read Filthy Craigslist 'Missed Connections' Aloud

Check out Jessica Walter, who many of you may know from such cult comedies as Arrested Development, reading filthy Craigslist Missed Connections aloud.


The performance was a part "talent portion" of the Archer Variety Hour, part of the Eugene Mirman comedy festival , and the 70 year old icon showed off her comedy chops by languidly reading about a stranger who offered a Craigslist Poster oral sex in exchange for a bus pass, or a woman seeking someone attractive to get her pregnant, or more adventures with Real Dolls.

Come one, come all, and watch the woman who will always be the primary Lucille in our hearts make this audience laugh their asses off.



Lucille Bluth and Dr Spaceman on one stage. Fangasm. And how good does Jessica Walter look, by the way? She's always so stylish and classy, even when she is offering BJs for bus passes.

Parnell's one about the pet heads made me think of Dr Spaceman's best line when he comes out of Jack's hospital room covered in blood: "Oh, this? No, no - I was at a costume party. And the host's dog attacked me so I had to stab it."