Watch Jennifer Grey's Perfect 10 Tango

Last night on Dancing With The Stars, Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough earned two scores of 10 from the judges after performing a nearly flawless Argentine tango.

You don't have to know anything about dancing to recognize that there's some incredible footwork, perfect timing and elegant moves going on in this clip.

Bruno Tonioli declared it "a prime-time delight!"; Carrie Ann Inaba called "A-MA-ZING!" and both gave 50-year-old Jennifer Grey a score of 10, the best you can get. Dumb old Len scored the routine with a 9.

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Could Grey win the whole thing? Will she make a comeback in the entertainment industry? And isn't it interesting, considering dancing is what made her famous in the first place?


Dancing With The Stars 2010: Jennifer Grey Gets First Perfect 10 As She Dances Young Rivals Off The Floor [Daily Mail]

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Good for her. But it almost seems unfair to me to have her in the competition given that she's had serious training in the past for Dirty Dancing and I thought this was supposed to be an amateur competition.

She looks wonderful. Yes, I liked the old nose but moving on, if she's had any other work done, damn she's got a good doctor. I'd like to believe it's just good genes and healthy living, it makes me feel better that way.