James Van Der Beek, the most woefully underused comedic actor of all time, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and offered an epic apology to a lowly stand up comic he once treated badly.

Poor Mike Birbiglia! His only crime, as told to Meyers during the comic's last appearance on the show was to be told he resembled Van der Beek. What happened next is truly catastrophic. (If you have a sensitive heart that breaks for shunned beauty, please look away now.)


"The Beek gave me a look that I would not wish upon any of you," said Birbiglia of their appearance together on Carson Daly's show. OH THE HUMANITY. Where is your God now, America? Then, just to rub salt in the wound, The Beek refused to even acknowledge the interaction took place, claiming he had never even on the Carson Daly show. He even called the comic out on Facebook and Twitter.

Let's face it; we would all pretend like we we never on Carson Daly's show if that were us, too. I bet all of humanity would like to disavow the show's entire existence.

Well, never, ever say The Beek isn't one to make amends. In this clip, he humbly and with perfect hair and a great fitting suit, offered his apologies to the comic, admitting his wrong. Oh Beeksters. You had me at hello. You had me at hello.