Watch Gary Oldman Smash The Shit Out Of Your Thanksgiving Dinner

In the interest of celebrating our shared heritage with our beloved "cousins" overseas, I offer you this academic summation of the meaning of Thanksgiving, as explained to us by everyone's favorite vampire who made out with Winona Ryder, Gary Oldman.


Vlad The Impaler Oldman (Hey, was he the tinker, the tailer, the soldier or the spy? Someone please remind me.) explains, courtesy of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, just how awesome British people think this holiday here is for us. In the similar spirit of shared warmth and good tidings during this Thanksgiving celebration, I hope to fuck this video actually plays for y'all in England and other countries. *sigh*

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As a Brit, id like to say.." i have no fuckin idea what any of that was about"?