Watch Foul-Mouthed Sally Field Beat Julia Roberts in a Curse-Off

Sally Field and Julia Roberts were on Jimmy Kimmel last night, where they participated in a Celebrity Curse-Off.


While most of the words are bleeped out, it's pretty obvious that Julia Roberts is terrible at this game and Sally Field has a mouth like a bus station toilet. FILTHY.

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The Ariel Winter family drama continues. In a Los Angeles courtroom yesterday, the Modern Family star told a judge she wanted to continue living with her sister instead of her mother. Her mother, Chrystal Workman, told the court that was fine — as long as Ariel would watch a video slideshow of family pictures from Ariel's childhood. The clip was set to plinky piano music and Ariel was in tears. Manipulative! But Ariel didn't change her mind. Her sister is now her guardian. [Daily Mail, TMZ]

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Prince doesn't curse in his songs anymore: "Did you ever hear Muhammad Ali curse? Would you curse in front of your kids? To your mother? Marsha [Ambrosius], Lianne [La Havas], Janelle [Monae] … They're all my sisters. We shouldn't curse at them. We need to treat all of them, and all people, like royalty." Okay. [People via Essence]


Hillary Duff is plotting a musical comeback, and will be recording a single with Ed Sheeran. Can the talented singer-songwriter who does a great cover of "Pony" manage to make her voice less… thin? [Idolator]

  • Our nation's reigning King and Queen had an adorable moment in public, invoking sighs from the plebs. [Daily Mail]
  • Leonardo DiCaprio just bought an apartment on 11th street in the West Village; it has vitamin C showers (?), "aromatherapy air supply, posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring and 'dawn simulation' provided by a circadian lighting design." Everything a compulsive modelfucker requires. [Page Six]
  • Lindsay Lohan was seen sneaking in and out of London nightclubs, trying desperately to avoid the Eye of Sauron, I mean Oprah. Oh, and she's working on an album, because that is what the world needs now. [Mirror]
  • Megan Fox was "on the verge of vomiting" while shooting scenes for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (you know she is April O'Neil, right?), not just because remakes are nauseating, but because she was pregnant (again). Her babies are sixteen months apart. [NYDN]
  • Hayden Panettiere's wedding is on hold because her fiancé is Ukrainian and Ukraine is burning the fuck down. [NYDN]
  • Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen made their first public appearance as a couple as they walked the red carpet at the Met Gala together, a ritual more filled with meaning and intent than a blood oath. [NYDN]
  • Valerie Cherish fans: HBO is bringing back The Comeback — starring Lisa Kudrow — for six episodes, airing this fall. [Deadline]
  • "It's sad. Working with him, there aren't actors like that." — John Slattery, emotional about the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. [Page Six]



I don't think of myself as one for vitamin C showers — whatever the hell those are — but the new DiCaprio place sounds... I dunno... like living in a spa. And I would totally live in a spa.