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Watch FLOTUS Michelle Obama Rap For You If You Promise to Go to College

Like her husband President Barack Obama and his dad jeans, First Lady Michelle Obama is very savvy at playing the uncool-but-sorta-still-cool parent. On Thursday, the FLOTUS took her swag to the next level with a college endorsement rap video… where she rhymed… in a booth… in the White House.


Malia and Sasha probably love it, right?

“If you wanna fly jets, you should go to college. Reach high and cash checks? Fill your head with knowledge,” Obama spits beside comedian Jay Pharoah, who often imitates the POTUS on Saturday Night Live.


The clip is part of Mrs. Obama’s “Better Make Room” campaign, according to the Reuters, which encourages kids ages 14 to 19 to go to college with the help of celebrities like Pharoah and LeBron James. College graduation rates in America are slipping and this program—FLOTUS rap and all—was created to combat that.

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My brother went to trade school to become an electrician and now makes more money than anyone else in the family by a wide margin.

While I support college (obviously, I went to one), these kinds of campaigns always make it seem like if you choose NOT to go, then you’re stunting your growth. Trade schools and apprenticeships are every bit as viable if that’s the kind of thing you like and want to do. Not everyone is cut out for university life, let alone wants it.