Watch Ellen's Friend Get a Full Body Wax to Prep for Magic Mike Role

True actors do whatever it takes to bring their roles to life. Ask Robert Robert De Niro what he did to prepare for Raging Bull. Matthew McConaughey became unrecognizable for Dallas Buyers Club. Did Jon Voight cut corners to create his character in Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2? Absolutely not.

Stephen "tWitch" Boss now knows what true dedication for the craft of acting means. The dancer/DJ/actor/So You Think You Can Dance star/Ellen DeGeneres BFF recently revealed on her show that none other than Channing Tatum himself had cast him as a stripper in the upcoming sequel to Magic Mike. But there was one catch.


"I have to get waxed," Boss said. He told DeGeneres it was something he had never done, but the role required him to get fully waxed, from head to toe. "I'm really nervous about that."

"Oh, it's gonna hurt," DeGeneres told him (friends are the best, aren't they?)

DeGeneres promised to sit with him and help him out during the waxing for the good of television and the results of her tried and true friendship can be seen in the video above.


She helped him out by offering him some vodka (as we know, vodka is the one real friend you can actually count on in times of need.)

"This hair has been with me since the beginning of time," Boss lamented on the waxing table. It's definitely pure 40 Year Old Virgin territory. Oh the things people are willing to do to get close to Channing Tatum! When Boss started to protest too much, DeGeneres reminded him: "Your wife had a baby. What did that feel like?"


Enjoy! (And don't worry; he made through alive and well.)

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