Sometimes it feels like they're writing these movie titles specifically for the headlines of blog posts. In Walk of Shame, Elizabeth Banks plays an uptight "good girl" newscaster named Meghan Miles who finds out she's been turned down for her dream job and decides to blow off some steam by fucking James Marsden.


After Meghan and Marsden's character (who is named GORDON) engage in a night of fun and coitus, Meghan find out that she's got to rush back to work because she's just gotten another shot at the big leagues because her competition's reputation has been ruined by some "raunchy twit pics." Hijinks ensue, blah blah blah, CUT TO: Banks spends the entire movie in a yellow Hervé Leger-esque bandage dress trying to save her job. When the movie comes out in May, you will find out "what happens when a good girl...gets bad news." Spoiler: She is almost punished for her sins but somehow finds a way to Make It Work.

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