Watch Donald Trump Wander Around the Debate Stage Like an Angry Ghost

It is hard, sometimes, to stand still.

Particularly when you just said something bad about pussies, and everyone is trying to tell you what to do, and they are wrong, and you are right, and you’d appreciate some attention, and how about some respect, and Hillary should be terrified of you, why isn’t she terrified of you, let’s stand over here right behind her so she’s more terrified of you, and by the way your tummy hurts, okay? ISIS, Benghazi, emails, yes, everyone is listening to Hillary, why, what is she talking about, who cares, prowl like a lion, like the biggest lion, make a face, they’re loving it, ISIS, Putin, law and order, Law & Order, what is that guy staring at, is it over?



That moment where he went up right behind her and just stood there staring while she talked made me so uncomfortable. I watched with a bunch of friends and all the women thought it was so creepy and none of the men could understand why.