Watch Cops Break Down Accused Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro's Door

Here's cell-phone video footage of Cleveland cops breaking into the house where accused kidnapper-rapist-assaulter Ariel Castro allegedly kept three women locked up for around a decade.

One of the best feelings in the world is when you hear police sirens and resign yourself to getting a ticket for god-knows-what, only to watch cops pass you by to trail some other unfortunate bastard. So we can only imagine how lucky Jasmina Baldrich feels; she captured the very beginning of the still-unfolding Cleveland kidnappings saga on her iPhone after parking her car by the side of the road because she thought she was getting a ticket. "I thought they were going to pull me over," she laughs nervously on the video.

Baldrish told WEWS-TV that she and her companion Ashley Colón recognized Amanda Berry's name immediately.

“We knew like that,” Colón said. “We both got goose bumps at the same time. We were shocked, we could not believe it.”

[NY Post]

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