Watch Comedian Jena Friedman Use Sex Dolls to Try to Teach Guys About Campus Sexual Assault

It’s hard to explain the strange logic of comedian Jena Friedman’s Adult Swim special, Soft Focus, which focuses partly on sexual assault on college campuses, so you should really watch the funny and unsettling segment in full.

With a soothing voice and unshakeable demeanor, Friedman interviews a range of people as she embarks on her bizarre experiment of teaching men about consent. Friedman uses the model of teens carrying around baby dolls to deter pregnancy to young college bros carting full-sized sex dolls to a kegger to deter rape. They must protect them from unwanted touching and sexual contact.

Before contacting her bros, Friedman also interviews the maker of a sex doll line, who suggests the most pressing difference between a human woman and a doll is body heat.


Does anyone learn anything? It doesn’t seem like it, though there is a tense moment at towards the end when one of the guys is accused of ejaculating inside the sex doll he was charged with. He is eventually exonerated, and speaks to how upsetting a false accusation can be; Friedman reminds him satisfyingly how many victims of assault are doubted when they come forward. Is this the eureka moment we’ve been waiting for? Look at his blank face and decide for yourself.

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Oh my god, the sex doll-maker is so, so gross. This show looks great.