Forget about all of those "Teens React To" videos, because this tops them all. After all, what opinion is more vital in the age of viral videos than the greatest viral video stars of all time—CATS.

As we thankfully near the end of this rather baffling and terrifying April Fools' Day filled with all kinds of human atrocities, we have this last beautiful morsel, courtesy of The Fine Bros.

The only disturbing thing to me here is how troubling it is that our cat overlords can now witness, firsthand, all the ways that we have mocked them over the years. I warned you all. I told you they would see your "hilarious" video compilations of "Cats Falling Into Things." I begged you not to post that video of the time a cat overlord, possibly believing it to be the secret lair of someone from Team Dog, fell into that giant vase. But you shunned me and laughed off my warnings.

So now they know. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL.