Carrie Underwood joined Rashida Jones and the always inexplicably adorable Jimmy Fallon for a medley of sorts on his show.

The medley included some cute renditions of Daft Punk, Katy Perry, Lorde and lots more. (The lyrics to the "Roar" parody are pretty great, too, actually)

But Carrie's Thanksgiving spin on "Wrecking Ball" pretty much seals the deal, complete with the Kitteh Meme that all of us at Jezebel have come to love writing about.

"You made me cook a butterball/And then a green bean casserole/And all you did was sit and watch football, and ignore all of your family."


And with that, I believe we have officially wrapped up all of our Turkey Day coverage here at Jezebel. Here's to another 363 days without Thanksgiving-themed sketches, jokes, videos, parodies and songs.

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