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Watch Bryan Cranston Tell Jimmy Fallon About That Time He Was a Murder Suspect

Bryan Cranston appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and a told a talk-show anecdote about how he was once a suspect in the murder of his old boss.


This happened years ago while Cranston and his brother Kyle were working at a Polynesian restaurant for a miserable head chef named Peter. Cranston says he and the other waiters would often joke about “how each one of us would kill Peter,” if given the chance. Cranston himself had dreams of slicing him up. It turns out, Peter was actually murdered—in a Horrible Bosses plot line come true—and the Cranston brothers became suspects.

Coincidentally, they happened to be out of town at the time of questioning, so Cranston says the police “put an APB out on our motorcycles and they were looking at us.” Good story and ironic because he used to star in a show in which he murdered a lot of people (Breaking Bad).

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Looks like two 17-year-old girls were charged with his murder:,3871986&hl=en

Not sure what I expected to find, but it wasn’t that!