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Watch Brandy, MC Lyte, Yo-Yo and Queen Latifah Bring the House Down

Brandy is a goddess. MC Lyte is a goddess. Yo-Yo is a goddess. Queen Latifah is a Cover Girl spokeswoman goddess. Performing against a white backdrop and looking the very definition of flawless, this Fantastic Four basically recreated the video for Brandy's remix to her 1994 hit, "I Wanna Be Down" at the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards.


Watch it just to see MC Lyte, who is aging backwards and that's a fact, hit the Nae Nae real quick.

UPDATE: Here is the BET link.

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1994 was such a magical year in Black music, what with proud Black female entertainers doing their thing on wax and in video.

Such a shame that today's teens and young women aren't blessed with the positive and proud Black female images - this video being an example - that I'd taken for granted as a teen.