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Watch Beyoncé's 'Yonce' Models Cook and Talk About How Great She Is

Because watching models cook is very in right now*, Jourdan Dunn has her own cooking show on YouTube called Well Dunn**. For the premiere of Season 3 of the show, Dunn and fellow models Joan Smalls and Chanel Iman made vegan Thai chili and talked about Beyoncé while they did it.


The trio chose to make vegan food in honor of Bey and Jay's 22 day vegan challenge. During their discussion, they revealed that the shoot was so fun because Beyoncé basically let them do their own thing on set. Dunn went even further, saying that being super close to B made her momentarily consider lesbianism:

I had a scene where I was basically, she was blindfolded and I had to seduce Beyoncé. I'm in my underwear, she's in her underwear, I'm like, "Oh my god, I'm living everyone's – male and female's – dream right now." It's crazy. I'm like, "Oh my god, she's kind of turning me. I've never felt this way before."


They also all agreed that there was basically no point in ever doing a music video again because where do you go from Beyoncé? Down, that's where.

*Karlie Kloss, Elettra Wiedemann, 2 Chainz
**Also because her name is perfect for a cooking show.

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"I've never felt this way before." Yeah, right.