Watch as Aubrey Plaza's Ring Pop Ad Takes a Really Dark Turn

Illustration for article titled Watch as Aubrey Plazas Ring Pop Ad Takes a Really Dark Turn

Despite their tendency to smear stickiness all over your face, hands and hair, Ring Pops SEEM like innocent fun. But it's time we had an honest conversation about what happens when the good times go bad, with the help of Parks and Rec's Aubrey Plaza.


This Funny or Die video (via UpRoxx) begins as an ultra-80s commercial for the edible accessory, starring Plaza. But just wait until the cameras quit rolling and it's time for rest of the story. It quickly morphs into a dark education in the life-ruining powers of sugar addiction. That glistening candy jewel seems glamorous now, kids, but beware the sugared-up fast lane. Beware the Ring Pop!

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The candy cigarette was perfect!