I Have Your Heart is a four-minute stop-motion animation film that took illustrator Molly Crabapple, animator Jim Batt, and musician Kim Boekbinder nearly two years to produce. Boekbinder and Crabapple had the idea for the film, which they scored to the former's song "The Organ Donor's March," and together they found Batt (on Twitter, natch). The story follows a young woman who needs a heart transplant, and receives a donor heart form a bad-boy would-be suitor (who is also, somehow, a cat). With her new heart, the woman escapes from her stifling, bourgeois family and runs away with a dashing sea captain (who is also, somehow, a cat). Boekbinder tells Boing Boing that the song was inspired by an old This American Life story about a girl who received a donor heart from a boy who had been shot and killed by gang members who mistook him for his older brother. "I was struck by how this young girl felt so much pressure to have a really good life," says Boekbinder. "That in order to deserve another person's heart, she had to be good enough for two people."


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