Watch Amy Schumer Teach Clueless Men How to 'Fight Like a Girl'

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Women fight with tears and emotion, as we all know, and men would do well to learn a thing or two about this intricate style of battle. In this instructional skit from Tuesday night’s edition of Inside Amy Schumer, the host trains dudes on how to deal with the “ancient art of Female Emotional Combat.”

In the clip below, Schumer poses different scenarios involving date night, dinner habits, etc., while instructing men on how to properly compliment their girlfriend’s looks, react to her so-called period rage and more. Because females be so emotional.

Schumer’s advice: “First off, never give your girlfriend a temporary compliment. She doesn’t ‘look pretty.’ She is the most beautiful woman of all time.” And “Never change the volume of your voice.” Also, “Remember, women can’t deny the authority of therapy and/or Oprah.”


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Feminist Kittenjoy [is back after a long hiatus]

I know some people have complained about how much love Inside Amy Schumer gets from Jezebel but, as someone who doesn’t have cable, please accept my wholehearted gratitude for posting her clips! The woman is a genius and I love that Jezebel is giving her the shout outs she deserves.