Watch Amy Schumer Explain Why Being In Love in Your 20s Is Stupid

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Here’s Amy Schumer talking about the idiocy of being drunk in love in your 20s, in a preview for her Apollo special that airs on Saturday.

Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo was taped at Schumer’s standup show in May at the Apollo Theater.

In a bit about dating, she says, “In your 20s you’re so corrupt with power, especially if you’re in love in your 20s...You’re just so arrogant. You’re like, ‘We’re so lucky we found each other.’”


Schumer then makes a tsunami comparison. Watch the clip below.

The special includes Schumer’s usual riffs about body image, sex and dating. More details via The New York Times:

Much of the first half involves jokes about her weight and appearance, which don’t register as defensive, because she frames them as someone else’s perception of her. “You’re here for the girl getting gastric bypass?” a Los Angeles casting agent asks. The trainer hired to help her lose weight for “Trainwreck” tells her that for dinner she should “put a peanut under your pillow and hope you dream of pizza.”



During the second half, the focus swings to sex, and the notion — not new, but rarely conveyed this pungently and hilariously — that women enjoy it just as much as men. “I’d say in a relationship 50 percent of the time I initiate sex, and then 50 percent we don’t have it,” she announces.


HBO has another clip that features some UTI talk.

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i know this is kinda unpopular, but i am not super into female comedians who spend most of their material being self-depreciating. i also know that the reason that amy schumer (and i’m also thinking of tina fey circa 30 rock) reach so many people is because self-depreciation makes them less threatening to people (read: men), but i don’t like it! i don’t like that femininity is sex-symbol or self-depreciating-chronically-single-unthreatening-funny-fat-friend.

i mean, her material is good and i think she’s good and super relatable, but i can’t wait for later when we don’t have to put ourselves down...

idk am i missing something?