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Watch All the Most Awkward Moments of the Golden Globes Red Carpet

The actual ceremony of the 2015 Golden Globe awards was pretty tame, which we can chock up to no one being anywhere near drunk enough to be misbehave. (For shame!) Luckily, thanks to a combination of idiotic interviewing skills and a desire to milk celebrity culture for all it is worth, the red carpet was full of all the embarrassment and tension we didn't see during the real event. Weirdly, not all of it was because of Giuliana Rancic!


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This is missing what I thought was the worst moment: when Ryan Seacrest said he had a wedding gift for Clooney and Amal (when he was interviewing them) and it ended up being a "Game Over" T-shirt you'd wear at a bachelor party. And then they panned around and the whole crew was wearing the same shirt. Clooney was NOT amused.