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Watch Adele Rap 'I'll Eat Ya Brain' and Other Lines From Nicki Minaj's 'Monster' Verse

Nicki Minaj’s perfect, erratic verse on “Monster” stands as one of the greatest in rap history. It’s okay to attempt it on your own, but only if you’re willing to go to ridiculous lengths and fully commit to the wild hand gestures and cartoonish voice. Adele, hello?


As part of his hokey Carpool Karaoke segment on Wednesday night, third-wheel late-night host James Corden rode around London while Adele sang her hits like “Hello,” as well as the Spice Girls. The real moment is at the end of this clip, when Corden says (ugh), “I heard a rumor that you—which may be surprising to some fans—are quite the rapper. You can spit some rhymes.”

Adele suddenly breaks into Minaj’s “Monster” verse and gets animated. Nice job nailing the lyrics, but I wish she would’ve gone a little crazier with the vocal inflections.


The important thing is that Nicki approves.

Wut’s good.


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Please let this be the beginning of a weeks worth of stories about beautiful English icons not dying from cancer.