Watch a Woman Older Than Her Right to Vote Pledge Arizona's Delegates to Hillary Clinton

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The DNC is currently doing a roll call of delegates for procedural confirmation that, yes, Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for president. One of the voices chiming in: 102-year-old Jerry Emmett, born before American women had the legal right to vote in a presidential election.


That’s via Mashable. Emmett, who is an honorary member of the Arizona delegation, was the one to officially pledge her state’s delegates for Hillary Clinton. She told the Arizona Republic that she never thought she’d see the day:

“Oh, I never thought I’d see a woman in a presidential election. When I was growing up, women could be teachers, secretaries or nurses — and my mother was snubbed at our church for working at all. That a woman would have this role in the political process …” she trails off and shakes her head.

But she remembers her mother voting in the first presidential election she could, and reminisced: “All the little old ladies, with their gloves and everything, were so excited. Most of the men were, too – a lot of the women would tell their husbands how to vote.”

As for the current candidates, she told the Phoenix New Times, “I think Hillary is going to be the president of the United States.” Her opinion of Donald Trump: “I think he’s a jerk — and that’s about all I can say.”

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My grandmother was 89 when she passed away a month ago and in hospice at the end when she was starting to be pretty unaware and we knew it would be over soon we just went ahead and told her Hillary had been elected and my grandmother, the lifelong democrat who went back to college in her 40s, was so happy. So we need to not fuck up this election for all the little old ladies out there and also, you know, to avoid economic collapse and potential nuclear meltdown.