Watch a Bunch of Kids Find Out Their Halloween Candy is Gone

Every year after Halloween for the past few years, Jimmy Kimmel has asked parents to submit videos of their children reacting to being told that all their hard-earned Halloween candy has already been consumed. The results are...a lot crying children.


Seriously though: how dumb are these kids? If each of them did their job right, they got a lot of candy. How could their parents eat that much candy? Use your child-sized brains, children.

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I'm fascinated by the sweet ones who say, "That's okay. You're welcome." Does it mean they have a sweet demeanor? That they have a lot of love and admiration for their parents? That they'll be pushovers as grown-ups? Interesting how their reactions were so opposite the angry criers. For the record, I probably would've fallen into the tantrum category, so I'm not judging.