First comes Slavek, and no one seems particularly excited, but at about 18 seconds into this video of a Czech’s zoo’s newest hippo, the cameras start clicking rapidly.

According to the Associated Press, this male hippo was born in January, but was only recently revealed to the public. Much like its famous counterparts North West and Blue Ivy, the press was positively buzzing about getting the first shot, probably due to the fame of its mother Maruska, an intensely popular hippo.


Like a seasoned pro, the baby hippo—whose name has still not been revealed, likely to draw out the attention paid to his blessed birth—takes it all in stride. But it’s still rough to see how his early life has already plagued with such attention. Hopefully, with time, the media scrutiny will wane.

Luckily, his parents seem to be maintaining a steadfast vibe of not giving a fuck.

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