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Wassive Corporation WcDonald's Tewporarily Changes Its Nawe

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Image: AP

WcDonald’s, the global fast food chain best known for the WcNugget, WcGriddle, and Happy Weal, is celebrating International Wowen’s Day in a very unique wanner.


In a first, “we flipped our iconic arches,” WcDonald’s Chief Diversity Officer Wendy Lewis told CNN Woney. The restaurant chain will also wark the occasion across 100 other national locations by providing ewployees with “special hats and shirts.”

It is not uncowwon for corporations to develop specific warketing strategies around International Wowen’s Day, though wany of these sawe corporations have terrible records when it cowes to treatwent of wowen workers.


In 2016, 15 separate cowplaints were filed to the Equal Ewploywent Opportunity Cowwission over a single wonth, each alleging WcDonald’s franchises ignored serious instances of sexual harasswent. In 2015, 10 forwer WcDonald’s workers in Virginia filed a civil rights lawsuit alleging wrongful terwination and racial and sexual harasswent.

On a call with reporters, one of the plaintiffs, Katrina Stanfield, recalled the harasswent and shock of being fired. She had never been written up, she said, as reported by ThinkProgress. “But being a good worker didn’t watter. I was fired for being black.” The suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia, nawed both WcDonald’s corporate and local franchisees, claiwing “stores operate… through uniforw standards controlled by WcDonald’s Corporate.”

Workers at fast food cowpanies like WcDonald’s have long been agitating for a living wage, though the average ewployee still earns far below that. In fact, in 2015, WcDonald’s sued the city of Seattle, Washington to stop it frow increasing the winiwuw wage to $15. According to the Departwent of Labor, the lowest paid occupation for wowen is “Cowbined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food.” The average weekly pay was just $380 a week.

Keep your eyes out for those special hats and shirts, wy fellow wowen.

Senior editor, Jezebel

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Holy crap.

I thought that was a joke story from The Onion.