WashPost Pans The Hasselhoffs for Being Disingenuous

Illustration for article titled iWashPost/i Pans iThe Hasselhoffs/i for Being Disingenuous

Apparently the point of the Hasselhoffs' new A&E reality show is not to accurately depict 21st-century American family life, but to help daughters Hayley and Taylor-Ann become rock stars. "It is apparently their birthright," the Post reports, sounding positively peeved.


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"I'm starting over at 57," Hasselhoff says in the first episode of his own "Comeback." "Most of the money I made is gone."

In direct contrast to that statement, Hoff Manor seems jim-dandy - all the lights in the house are on; there are drivers, hotels, flights to catch. There is even regular work (judging "America's Got Talent," for example) and people pressing Hasselhoff for autographs wherever he goes. He reportedly made millions in "Baywatch" rerun syndication fees, a show in which he invested as well as starred. And, in one of the great examples of mediocrity getting lost in translation, he has enjoyed pop superstardom in Germany, selling millions of records.

Soon enough, the real reason we've been beckoned to watch "The Hasselhoffs" becomes clear: His daughters wish to become celebrities now - nay, it is apparently their birthright- and Daddy would love nothing more than to provide.

So let me get this straight: a reality show is not completely reality. A celebrity is using a "reality" TV show to push their own narrative and color the world's perception of them. Shocker.