Was Vanessa Hudgens Doing Cocaine At Coachella?

Ah, the Coachella Music Festival, where folks flock to the desert and pay big bucks to pretend they're at Woodstock! Over the weekend, High School Musical sweetheart/Disney juggernaut Vanessa Hudgens attended the event with boyfriend Josh Hutcherson (from The Kids Are All Right). Vanessa, clad in ridiculously low-slung pants and a floppy felt hat, was spotted sticking her finger into a bag of something white, and then putting said finger in her mouth.


A 22-year-old high-profile celebrity at a crowded public event — fresh off of a nude photo scandal — wouldn't really do cocaine in broad daylight, would she? We don't know what this is. Is it even powdery? Does it look kind of…creamy?

(click the lower left corner of the image to enlarge)


Whatever it is, it came from a small baggie. Maybe it's not coke! It's entirely possible that California starlets are hooked on packets of sugary icing from Toaster Strudels. Mmm, icing.

[Photos via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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