Was Jeremy Piven Fired, Not Poisoned?

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Though Jeremy Piven claims he had to leave Speed the Plow because he was suffering from mercury poisoning, sources at the Broadway show say he was actually fired for diva-like behavior.


Piven was showing up two minutes before show, behaving like a "d-bag" toward the cast and crew, and sending his understudy on if he didn't like the size of the audience, according to an "integral player" in the show. "He wanted out of his contract for about a month—he was trying to get out of it," says another Plow source. Piven's reps are denying the rumor and sticking to the "too much sushi" story, but one source says, "Don't expect to see him welcomed back on Broadway ever again." [E!]

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I feel like Piven is one of those people who had a fork in the road and could have been a funny actor, who was nice to people around him, and then had a reasonable career...instead he's become the asshole version of himself.