Warning: Madonna's Workouts May Ruin Your Life

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Daily Mail reporter Ashley Pearson, who describes herself as a "normal size 14 girl" followed the workout recommended by the woman who trains Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow and her reaction was surprising.

Pearson followed the fitness plan of Tracy Anderson, the celebrity trainer with whom Gwyneth may be opening a chain of gyms, with the help of a professional trainer and a meal delivery service. She worked out for five weeks, six days per week, two hours per day, like Madonna does. Pearson notes that during those five weeks she almost vomited during workouts, aggravated her constantly aching left knee, and started avoiding stairs because it hurt too much to climb them. The workouts also took a huge toll on her personal life: she couldn't concentrate, her boyfriend broke up with her, she was too tired to maintain a social life, and she was constantly showering or doing laundry.

Though you might expect that Pearson would realize after going through this "nightmare" that such a gym routine wasn't worth it or condemn the society that demands our celebrities obsess about their weight, all Pearson takes from this experience is that we should have more respect for Gwyneth and Madonna. "Their tightly honed bodies were not achieved by swallowing a pill, from cigarettes, or cocaine. These ladies didn't take the easy way. They are in the gym every day sweating their guts out," writes Pearson. Apparently having a lower quality of life is worth it, as long as you're 10 pounds skinnier.


Ashley Pearson: I Did Madonna's Workout... And It Nearly Killed Me [Daily Mail]

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This article is kind of dumb. Of course going from a sedentary lifestyle to an insane workout schedule is going to physically hurt you and can result in an injury. But if you're used to that, it's probably not miserable. I don't get it...