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Warm the Cockles of Your Heart With 3 Minutes of Adorable Mini Pigs

I am neither exaggerating nor being biased (I really like mini pigs a lot) when I say that this is the cutest goddamn animal video on all of YouTube.


Having been a connoisseur of very small pig videos ever since watching the seminal "Hamlet the Mini Pig - Goes Down the Stairs," I am qualified to make this assertion. Like, fuck. Mini pigs, guys. Their diminutive streams of oinks. Their sweet watery lil' eyes. The fact that you can put them in tiny ladybug costumes. THAT ONE IN THE BATH.

(If you're planning on texting your mom and firmly suggesting that she get one for the house — who hasn't been there — you should know that they're really smart and require a lot of attention. Also, here's a picture of a mini pig snuggling a giant bunny, just 'cause.)


[H/T Gothamist]

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So, what's the deal here? Do they stay that small forever? CAN I have one? How do I go about acquiring it? Will my cats try to eat it?

These are important questions.