Want to Watch Governor Rick Scott Get Verbally Reamed? Here You Go!

If you’ve ever wanted to yell at Rick Scott, a video of a woman calling the Florida governor an asshole is your new favorite moment of your life that didn’t even happen to you.

The incident, which was filmed and posted to YouTube on April 5, took place in a Starbucks located in the downtown area of Gainesville. The kerfuffle presumably occurred when our shero of the day recognized the politician in the store.

“You cut Medicaid so I couldn’t get Obamacare!” she yells at Scott in the vid, alluding to measures the governor took back in 2013 to deny Medicaid expansion to low-income citizens in the state.


Scott, whose finger is already poised in peak mansplain position, attempts to defend himself by stating he created “one million jobs,” because that’s related or something? (As to whether Scott actually did that: sort of.)

But nope, not this time, Rick. The woman then interrupts him and another person in the shop, adding, “You’re an asshole! You don’t care about working people! You should be ashamed to show your face around here!”

“Who here has a great job?!” she then asks her fellow Fourbucks patrons as they stare into the existential void their laptops. “You really feel like you have a job coming up?”

At this point, Scott begins to exit the store—notably without a coffee in hand—as the woman continues to berate him, exclaiming that Floridians “depend on those services.”


And because parting is such sweet sorrow, her last words to Scott: “You’re an embarrassment to [the] state!”

Rick. Rolled.

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The woman in this video has commented on the YouTube video to give a little more detail. I’m copying her comment here (the link to the YouTube video is in the article):

Cara Jennings1 hour ago

+stephen bender Thanks for capturing my interaction with Governor Scott. Yes, I started out by asking him why he signed the awful bill into law that is anti-choice and affects women’s access to basic reproductive health care - his response was that I should go to the county health clinic. If anyone is trying to reach me about this, they can email me at cararyanjennings@gmail.com “

You go, Cara Jennings!