Want To Stop Teen Sexting? Try Teaching Girls Self-Respect

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Self-respect is a dying art. This thought was solidified when I heard the latest gossip in my school of the sex video going around of a fellow female student with two other guys.


As we see a rise in "sexting" and the CDC saying that one in four teenage girls has an STD, I can't help but feel depressed and frustrated . So how did we get this way and better yet how are we to combat this issue?

At my high school, I have sat through the numerous internet safety lectures. "Once it's out there you can never get it back." This doesn't seem to stop many girls from taking pictures of themselves topless or lying spread eagle while their boyfriend snaps pictures. I don't mean to insult the numerous organizations and police departments who send speakers to scare us straight, but it simply isn't working. If a girl is in "love" and they are going to be together "forever" I doubt she is thinking of the consequences it will have on her future. So if scaring us straight doesn't work what will?

How about teaching girl to have a little self respect? In today's society many girls are left with the thought lust equals love, and how do we expect them not to think that way? When we look at the role models for today's females it is scary. We don't see the good girls in the spotlight, being praised for their morals, we see the party girls. Party girls who are popular, who are depicted as beautiful and desirable. They are wanted. Is it any wonder we want to be like that? Who doesn't want to feel beautiful and accepted? Too many girls think that lust equals love; that by making themselves desirable sexually someone will come along and treat them with the love they crave and they will be happy. Unfortunately, they fail to see that when they objectify themselves, that is exactly what they are becoming — objects. Most of the guys who are looking at these pictures don't care about who you are , only what you can give. Girls are putting themselves out to be blow up dolls and no one seems to notice a problem here?

How about instead of telling girls that colleges will see these pictures, that they could go to jail, let's tell them how wonderful they are. How they are worth more than just a one night stand or a picture for some guy to masturbate to. Girls need to see that they are beautiful and complete within themselves and they don't need to be sold off as anything less than that. Instead of calling them stupid sluts lets tell them how beautiful and valuable they are. Let's combat this issue of self-esteem that is making girls feel like they have nothing to give but their bodies. Let's raise the bar for relationships and raise the bar for ourselves. We are beautiful woman and should be treated accordingly.

This post originally appeared on The F Bomb. Republished with permission.

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"As we see a rise in "sexting" and the CDC saying that one in four teenage girls has an STD"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure you can't get an STD from sexting. I think it's even safer than phone sex.

I get a really strong victim-blaming vibe from this article. Shouldn't we be just as pissed at the young men who don't have enough respect to keep those kinds of pictures to themselves?