Want To See A Lot Of Snickering About Male Prostitutes? Watch This!

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Apparently unswayed by the demise of Playgirl and the crappiness of Hung, a Nevada brothel owner is bringing in male prostitutes to fight the recession. And, as seen in this highly-recommended news item, cackling about it!

While the notion of male sex-workers may not seem exactly "new," in Nevada, it is - well, the legal kind, anyway. A law that required all prostitutes in licensed brothels to get regular cervical exams (along with obligatory STD testing) has kept men off the books until this year.

Bobbi Davis, proprietor of the Shady Lady Ranch (at Petticoat Junction) hopes to cash in on the lessening of strictures by offering a little something for the ladies. (And men, says Davis, if they're feeling it.) As she says, due to widespread unemployment, applicants have ranged from "the guy next store to people in professional business." Adds she, "Women want someone to have a nice time with - and just like men they don't want to have to worry about calling them in the morning."


Whether the male prostitutes will prove a lucrative attraction remains to be seen - and for many critics of prostitution, even the legal varietal, (including feminist theorists Justin Gaffney and Kate Beverley), the same patriarchal constructs are at work regardless of the sex, resulting, inevitably, in societal subordination. But judging by the coverage, most reactions have involved a lot of snickering. I give you exhibit A: the cackler at 34 seconds.

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Statistics always indicate that a large percentage of women have never had an orgasm during sex. And let's face it, there are lots of men out there who are really bad, selfish screws. I can totally imagine a market for a place where a woman can go, relax, and have somebody finally pay her clit due attention. Though, I would think that they'd be more likely to visit a facility that doesn't look like a 1970s hunting lodge.