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Want to Know Why Liz and Jack Never Hooked Up on 30 Rock? Let Them Tell You

On last night's 30 Rock, Liz and Jack, having travelled to Florida to tie up loose ends with Jack's mother's estate (RIP Colleen Donaghy), were forced to spend the night in the same bed, which led to Liz asking a question that some fans have been asking for years — how come the two of them have never hooked up? Jack's response (presumably the show's response as well) was pretty great. Basically, they're sister-ployee/work oracle relationship is much more interesting and valuable without the sex and romance. "To ruin what we have with a tawdry yet expert sexual encounter," says a pajama-clad Jack, "Would have been a mistake."


Damn straight. Platonic Liz and Jack for life.

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I don't know. If I had the power to write a scene for Alec Baldwin, I would totally make him kiss me, at least once, due to the overwhelming inability to separate current Alec Baldwin from super hot Alec Baldwin circa Beetlejuice.