Wanna Feel Old? The Effects of Climate Change Are More Visible Than Ever and Full House Premiered 30 Years Ago

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

This summer Americans watched in horror as swaths of our nation’s west coast was set ablaze during a series of massive wildfires that were exacerbated by record-breaking heat. We opened our checkbooks upon witnessing the unprecedented flooding in Houston and storm-related destruction across Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and every other island on which Hurricane Irma—strengthened by the ever-warming waters of the Caribbean—wreaked havoc.


Many of us are old enough to remember the ubiquity of the term “global warming,” back when the devastating effects of man-made climate change felt theoretical, or at the very least a lifetime away. But in just three short decades, the alarm bells have become impossible to ignore. What was once a distant warning—one easily covered up by the myriad distractions of modern life—has become a deafening cacophony of sirens, thunder, and the hellish roar of uncontrollable flames. Wanna feel old? Don’t bother looking in the mirror. Just look out the window.

Or check out the trailer for the third season of Netflix’s Fuller House. Did you know the original series, Full House, premiered thirty years ago?

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I often wonder what it will take for the world to realize how much worse their lives will be in a few decades if we do nothing about climate change. I think it will have to be a catastrophic, apocalyptic occurrence like in the Day After Tomorrow (horrible movie).